BSc. Huynh Le Ngoc Bich Tuyen

Email: Phone: 01252 847 630

Duties: Training Assistant

- Act as the liaison between the Faculty and the University to plan and organize the implementation of training activities.

- In charge of records related to training under the continuing education system.

- Manage documents and documents related to training activities. Drafting training related documents.

- Professional profile management.


BSc. Vo Thi Thuy Dung

Email: Phone: 01683 847 746

Duties: Documentary

- In charge of clerical work, security (delivery and delivery of letters, papers, parcels), storing and preserving all kinds of incoming and outgoing dispatches of the Faculty according to the regulations of the State and the University.

- In charge of and receiving the Faculty's stationery; transfer records, registration forms for school cars, registration of guest houses for visiting lecturers of the Faculty; make a written request for public orders for public officials to go on a business trip (when required).

- In charge of maintaining security, order, safety, hygiene... in the Faculty.

Personnel under the Faculty's office:

# Full name Duty Field
1 Huynh Le Ngoc Bich Tuyen Officer Business administration
2 Vo Thi Thuy Dung Officer Information technology
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