1. Mission

- Teaching and training students in Information Technology (bachelor and college dregree), Software Engineering.

- Participating in teaching for the Informatics Pedagogy major (bachelor and college dregree).

- In addition, the department also participates in teaching informatics subjects in the training programs of other faculties and disciplines throughout the university.

- Development and management of training programs in Information Technology.

- Scientific research and support to build information systems in the Univertsity.

2. Academic staff

- The number of lecturer is 12 (including 2 PhD, 2 PhD Candiates, 8 Msc).

- Most of the lecturers are young, active, enthusiastic and professional.

3. Cooperation in training and scientific research

- Besides teaching specialized courses in IT program, Lecturers also participate in teaching general courses for students in other majors in University.

- Cooperate with domestic and foreign experts on improving training quality and scientific research orientation.

- Regularly cooperate with departments and agencies in the province; informatics companies inside and outside the province (IBM, Sun VN....) in information technology projects, seminars on informatics.... to exchange human resource needs and update new technologies in the teaching. It aims to train the students with quality, as well as ensure the quality of graduates to meet the requirements of society.

Personnel under the Department of Information Technology:

# Full name Duty Field
1 Nguyen Van Hoa Head of Department Informatics
2 Nguyen Thai Du Deputy Head of Department Computer science
3 Truong Thi Diem Deputy Head of Department Information system
4 Nguyen Quang Huy Lecturer Computer science
5 Le Thi Minh Nguyet Lecturer Computer science
6 Nguyen Thi Lan Quyen Lecturer Information system
7 Nguyen Van Dong Lecturer Information system
8 Huynh Cao The Cuong Lecturer Computer science
9 Phan Thanh Binh Lecturer Computer science
10 Le Hoang Anh Lecturer Information system
11 Chau Ngan Khanh Lecturer Information system
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