1. Common goal

- Having sufficient professional and professional capacity to ensure the organization of teaching Informatics for lower secondary classes as well as meeting the requirements for the development of lower secondary education in terms of scale and quality. quality, efficiency, serving the cause of industrialization and modernization of the country, has the potential to constantly improve the initial training level, rise to meet the requirements of innovation goals, content of methods , the form of examination and evaluation of educational and teaching results in Informatics.

- Capable of taking on other jobs besides Informatics subject in the teaching plan at junior high schools: acting as class leader, organizing educational activities outside of class time, etc.

2. Specific goals

2.1. About moral qualities

- Having the basic qualities of a Vietnamese socialist school teacher: imbued with the Marxist-Leninist worldview and Ho Chi Minh's thought, patriotism, love of socialism, love of students, love of profession, has a high sense of responsibility, has good ethics, has exemplary behavior of teachers.

- Having a sense of social responsibility, contributing to community development; have good political qualities, have a sense of organization and discipline, have a scientific and serious working style, have professional ethics in information protection, copyright, have a teamwork spirit, have a sense of improve professional capacity and regularly practice discipline and communication ability.

2.2. About knowledge

- Having pedagogical ability and understanding student psychology as well as the ability to succinctly present scientific issues.

- Knowledge of computer systems: hardware, software, safety and security of computer network systems.

- Having knowledge of society and law related to information technology and education.

2.3. About skills

- Equip students with the ability to teach Informatics to students and other subjects.

- Having programming skills and teamwork to design teaching software.

- Ability to apply information technology in practical work.

3. Training period: 3 years.

4. The volume of knowledge of the whole course: View details of the training program of each course.

5. Eligible subjects: Students who have graduated from high school or graduated from high school supplementary school, passed the university entrance exam organized by the Ministry of Education and Training.

6. Training process, graduation conditions: According to Decision No. 286/QD-ĐHAG, March 6, 2009 of the Rector of An Giang University.

7. Scale: 10 point scale (then converted to 4 point scale).

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