1. Common goal

- Training bachelors of Software Engineering with basic and specialized knowledge in the field of software engineering; equip students with the capacity to advise, advise and organize the performance of tasks of an expert in the field of software engineering. Equip students with knowledge of the process of building, managing and maintaining software systems.

Upon graduation, graduates will:

- Pay attention to professional ethics and concern for society in their work;

- Successful in software analysis, design and quality assurance;

- Succeed in higher diploma education programs in which the student is enrolled.

2. Specific goals

2.1. About moral qualities

- Being patriotic, ready to defend the fatherland, enthusiastically building a rich and strong country, a democratic, just and civilized society. Solidarity and cooperation with colleagues in professional work, in life, help each other to build a good team.

- Having a sense of social responsibility, contributing to community development; have good political qualities, have a sense of organization and discipline, have a scientific and serious working style, have professional ethics in information protection, copyright, have a teamwork spirit, have a sense of improve professional capacity and regularly practice discipline and communication ability.

2.2. About knowledge

- Knowledge of mathematics, algorithms, analytical and modeling methods as a foundation for deploying information technology applications.

- Knowledge of computer systems: hardware, software, safety and security of computer network and communication systems.

- Having knowledge of society and law related to information technology.

2.3. About skills

- Skilled in analyzing, designing and building software professionally.

- Skilled in database administration; building and managing Website systems and network systems.

- Professional programming skills and teamwork.

- Ability to plan, build and evaluate an information system.

- Ability to apply information technology in practical work.

3. Training period: 4 years.

4. Total amount of knowledge: 138 credits (excluding Physical Education and Defense Education).

5. Eligible subjects: Students who have graduated from high school and supplemented high school, passed the entrance exam organized by the Ministry of Education and Training.

6. Training process and graduation conditions: According to Decision No. 286/QD-ĐHAG dated March 6, 2009 and decisions amending and supplementing: Decision No. 357/QD-ĐHAG dated November 21/ 2011 and Decision No. 139/QD-ĐHAG dated May 25, 2013 of the Rector of An Giang University.

7. Scale: 10 point scale (then converted to 4 point scale).

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