The Faculty of Information Technology (FIT) was established under Decision No. 1461/QD-ĐHAG of the President of AGU dated on 14th, August 2017 on the basis of separation and upgradation two departments from the Faculty of Engineering - Technology - Environment. Currently, the Faculty consists of 2 departments: Department of Information Technology and Department of Software Engineering. With the mission of training high-quality human resources in the IT field, in order to meet the economic development needs of An Giang province, the Mekong Delta region and the southern provinces. Beside training mission, the Faculty also promotes scientific research and transfer of scientific and technical advances to solve problems related to information technology of An Giang province and the Mekong Delta region.

Core values: Friendliness - Quality - Practicality

Currently, the Faculty has the following training disciplines:

Information Technology:

Training Bachelor of Information Technology with basic, basic and specialized knowledge in the field of information technology; having the capacity to advise, consult and organize the performance of tasks as an expert in the field of information technology. During the study, students are equipped with knowledge about analysis, design and management of information technology projects; Ability to build, maintain and manage computer and communication networks.

After graduating, students have the ability to competently manage information systems in informatics centers and businesses that apply information technology to production and business management.

Software Engineering:

Training Bachelor of Software Engineering capable of designing software according to the software production process; has the ability to advise, advise and organize the implementation of tasks of a specialist in the field of software engineering. During the course of study, students are equipped with knowledge about the process of building, managing and maintaining software systems.

After graduation, students will be successful in software analysis and design; qualified to work at software manufacturing companies.

In addition, the Faculty also offers Bachelor of Information Technology in the work-study system. In the coming time, the Faculty will continue to open the following majors: Bachelor's Degree in Information Technology, Communication from Intermediate to University in Information Technology; Linking from College to University of Information Technology.

In addition to teaching, the Faculty's staff focuses on scientific research and technology application (prioritizing research in fields with high applicability to the lives of the people of An Giang and the Mekong Delta). Mekong River) in the field of information technology.

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